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  • Louise Bacon-Ogden says:12-23-2016
    I met Tim, Pilot's foster, and heard about his blind dog friend. I have a blind…
  • Kristin says:09-16-2016
    I have called and emailed multiple times. I am interested in Petey.
  • vellsworth2@hotmail. says:07-30-2016
    are all the dogs under "popular" with 2013 dates still not adopted??? Thanks…
  • Louis Duran says:07-27-2016
    Hi, I'm interested in adopting Hoku. Is he still available. I work for Banfield…
  • Zach Behrens says:05-12-2016
    Not only would I foster him, but I would love to adopt.

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07-11-2017 in Available Pets by staff
We have this little cutie available. Her name is Piper. She is a shy young female MinPin, two or three years old.

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06-11-2017 in Available Pets by staff
This is Moose, a young (around a year) male Pit mix. He is a happy fellow - hasn't met a dog yet that he hasn't liked! He…

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06-11-2017 in Available Pets by staff
Buster is one of the most interesting dogs to come through Redwood Pals Rescue. He has demonstrated strong skills that could be used…

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06-11-2017 in Available Pets by staff
Redwood Pals has a winner in the relaxed Border Collie boy Murphy. Murphy is good with other dogs, kids and cats! Murphy is about…

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09-26-2015 in Available Pets by staff
Peaty is a handsome American Bulldog mix about 4 yrs old.

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