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  • Bonnie says:01-01-2023
    I was walking Wes today and he saw a cat very clearly about 5 houses ahead. He took…
  • Liz says:11-29-2022
    How is Wes with cats?
  • Bruce Walters says:11-16-2022
    I have 7 cats who are used to living with wolf dogs. Any foreseeable problems?
  • Bonnie says:11-07-2022
    How much does she weigh? Helps with describing her to potential families, especially…
  • Julie says:11-07-2022
    Do you know how he is with cats?

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10-27-2022 in Available Pets by staff
Ladybird is a gorgeous, wicked-smart girl who is very generous with love, licks, and cuddles once she gets to know you.

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10-26-2022 in Available Pets by staff
Alfred is a white and black American Bulldog mix. Alfred is one of the absolute best at making us laugh and feel loved.

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03-25-2022 in Available Pets by staff
Rayna is a two-year-old female dog we think could be a cattle dog/rat terrier mix. Rayna is very smart and has been quick to learn…

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03-25-2022 in Available Pets by staff
Introducing Wes! He is an adorable middle-aged old lab/bully mix. He is well mannered and calm, has a low to medium energy level,…

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