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  • Daisy York says:08-13-2018
    I would love to meet her and see if she gets along with my dog. If she does I am…
  • Erica McMullen says:08-11-2018
    He looks like such a sweetheart! I would love to be able to meet this guy and show…
  • Tonia says:08-07-2018
    Seriously Interested in either Trinity or Lucy the pit mix listed on cl today. Please…
  • Rachel Howard says:08-07-2018
    The minute I saw this cute pup online, I just started crying! Do you know if Tank…
  • Danielle Dornan says:02-01-2018
    Hi! I was wondering if Scuttles is still available! I am in love with the description…

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08-04-2018 in Available Pets by staff
This friendly guy is Leo. He is an easy-going dog that is friendly with people and other dogs.

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08-01-2018 in Available Pets by staff
This is Otis! He's a two year old German Shepherd Dog/Husky mix, neutered with all his shots. He loves walks and playing in the…

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07-25-2018 in Available Pets by staff
Sammie, aka Raider, is a year and a half old border collie mix.

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08-03-2017 in Available Pets by staff
Mamacita is a nice petite Pittie size, about 40-50 pounds.She is a friendly and playful dog. with a sunny personality

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06-11-2017 in Available Pets by staff
Buster is one of the most interesting dogs to come through Redwood Pals Rescue. He has demonstrated strong skills that could be used…

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