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  • Kris Burke says:08-03-2023
    How is he with cats and and I am looking for a travel buddy, hiking companion. My…
  • Sherry Hull says:07-14-2023
    how much does she weight? what is her breed?
  • Bonnie says:01-01-2023
    I was walking Wes today and he saw a cat very clearly about 5 houses ahead. He took…
  • Liz says:11-29-2022
    How is Wes with cats?
  • Bruce Walters says:11-16-2022
    I have 7 cats who are used to living with wolf dogs. Any foreseeable problems?

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1 October 26, 2022 in Happy Tails (Adopted!) by staff
Alfred is a white and black American Bulldog mix. Alfred is one of the absolute best at making us laugh and feel loved. When he sees his friends his whole body wags from nose to tail! It’s hard not to smile when he does that. He is a clown in the play yard, alternating between tossing his toys in the air, zooming and doing bunny hops around the yard, and gazing up at his friends with his big soulful eyes.

Alfred loves the chance to come in close for a cuddle or a pet. At two and a half he still has the heart of a puppy and it is very endearing. Alfred has been a good student for treat-led training. He can be very attentive when out on his walks; he knows Sit, Shake and learning Down. Alfred met a bouncy teenage pup last weekend and was so patient with her, even when she would leap up and grab his head with her paws. We were pleased that he could walk so nicely with her. He helped her to feel more confident on their walk.

This sweet boy is neutered, micro-chipped and current on his vaccinations. He weighs about 75 pounds on a very well-defined physique. If you’d like to meet Alfred for love and companionship, please contact us.
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