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0 August 18, 2017 in Happy Tails (Adopted!) by staff
This is our Miss Bailey! Bailey has been in boarding since Sunday. She's doing fine, because she is very adaptable, but what are we to do? Can't keep her there indefinitely for a variety of reasons, starting with responsibility to her plus the cost of boarding. She has cohabited fine with a younger male dog as well as doing great as a single dog - very well-behaved in the house and able to be left alone during work hours. She would be such a great companion for someone! Her previous fosters would highly recommend her! Please let us know if you can help or would like to meet her. Thank you!

Here is what her foster mom has to say about her:
"Bailey is an absolutely wonderful dog! She is super sweet and an excellent listener. She really enjoys walks and does great on or off leash (I do put her on leash if I see another dog coming, just to be safe). She hangs with me in my yard that is not fenced in and never tries to take off or even leave my sight. She LOVES car rides! Especially when she can hang her head out the window. She also really loves going to the beach and to the forest. She also really enjoys just lying around, almost as much as she likes taking walks and going for car rides. She can be left at home for hours and has never shown any signs of anxiety. She never goes to the bathroom in the house. She has done well in boarding, always getting A’s on her report card. She is such an easy going and mellow dog and will make somebody an amazing companion.

She should probably not be placed in a home with a cat or other small animals. She gets a little barky when she sees dogs when walking and it can sound aggressive, but has done okay when I have introduced her to other dogs and even went on a couple pack walks and has done okay, but I think she needs a little more work in this area."

The trainer that Redwood Pals works with, Christina Myers, seconds the idea that Bailey is an absolute sweetheart and will help her new owner to be comfortable with dog introductions, And Bailey's foster thinks Bailey is so great she is willing to assist with adoption fees!
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