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  • Kris Burke says:08-03-2023
    How is he with cats and and I am looking for a travel buddy, hiking companion. My…
  • Sherry Hull says:07-14-2023
    how much does she weight? what is her breed?
  • Bonnie says:01-01-2023
    I was walking Wes today and he saw a cat very clearly about 5 houses ahead. He took…
  • Liz says:11-29-2022
    How is Wes with cats?
  • Bruce Walters says:11-16-2022
    I have 7 cats who are used to living with wolf dogs. Any foreseeable problems?

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2 August 29, 2020 in Happy Tails (Adopted!) by staff
 Did we mention that Grover loves the water? This goofy two year old Lab/Cattle dog/Pittie mix has a talent for entertaining himself. All he needs is a yard and some toys! Of course a wading pool would be a big plus in his dream placement. Grover also would love to be a big wet lap dog if that was allowed, though he does understand the commands for Sit and Down and loves to show them off. His grasp of obedience will make him a star for someone interested in continuing his training. He is well-motivated by treats and learns quickly. Grover is ready to move on to a foster or adoptive home. Please message us here or email
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