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0 May 06, 2013 in Happy Tails (Adopted!) by staff
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Ike loves to play ball and fetch, cuddle, go for walks, ride in the car (based on his enthusiasm for getting into one). Would probably do best in a one-dog home until he had more training. He can be walked around other dogs. Here is what a kennel worker has to say about Ike who is still in need of a foster home to save his life. I have been in the kennel with this sweet boy many times. I believe he very workable and can learn to be friendly to other dogs. His general demeanor in the kennel is quiet and calm, although he does like to talk if someone is standing at the kennel. Its not too much to say he is house trained. He has not once pooped in his kennel, only on the outside. He has not once charged me. I had him out in the play yard a couple of weeks ago, and he likes to play ball and is quite playful; likes to roll in the grass and chew on a ball. He loves to get out for walks and free time in the exercise yard. A big, solid nice boy.
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