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0 December 04, 2013 in Happy Tails (Adopted!) by staff
Jax is a one year old German Shepherd Dog mix about 50-60 lbs. He is neutered, and up to date on his shots. He is currently being fostered, but his foster is moving January 1 and will not be able to bring him with her. According to his foster: "Jax just may be the most wonderful dog I have met since my German Shepard, Sampson, who died almost 20 years ago. When I took him in he was supposed to be aggressive towards men and other dogs. I have taken him many places with other dogs, and not once has he wanted to do anything except play with them. When strange men come around he emits a low growl, but is fine once he sees them shake hands, or that they are accepted in some other way. It is the same when a vehicle pulls into the driveway. He loves to cuddle, run, play with balls and sticks. Can't get him to give them back when he retrieves them though. He understands more and more language every day (German Shepherds are one of the best for this). He knows sit, come, down, outside. He loves the beach and car and truck rides. My 11 year old grandson just spent 4 days with me and Jax was amazing with him. I am heartbroken that I cannot adopt him, and that some family or person will be very lucky to add him to their life."

If you are interested in meeting Jax for possibly foster or adopt please contact us at
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