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    Hi there, how is Grover with cats?
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0 March 27, 2021 in Happy Tails (Adopted!) by staff
Sweet Marvin is a young adult, one to two years old. He is neutered and current on his vaccinations. His pretty golden coat will benefit from good food and the occasional bath to keep his skin healthy, but he is a good sport about bathing. If you have a child that has been looking for that devoted canine buddy, Marvin could be the dog for you! 

Marvin was found cowering in a parking lot, scared and hairless. He has been in a foster home for several months and has come such a long way since his parking lot time! Marvin has been absolutely fabulous with the seven year old boy and the ten month old Jack Russell pup that live in the home. He loves his hang-out-on-the-couch time, even when Olive, the Jack Russell, is sitting on top of him! Despite this love fest between dogs and boy, Marvin’s foster has decided that they are not the perfect forever home for Marvin and so we are now putting him up for adoption. 

Marvin’s ideal home would include another young human buddy and possibly another dog as well. It would probably not include cats. Though Marvin has been living with cats, his interest is a little too high for a permanent home with kitties. Marvin has demonstrated excellent food and toy behavior, with no resource guarding of any kind, even if interrupted when he is eating or playing. He has been working on his obedience and leash skills and has learned a lot. Marvin will use his crate without objection and is good in the house. Marvin is quite sensitive and very attuned to people and their moods. Our trainer met him and declared him to be "Awesome!”  We would provide his new owner(s) with a session or two of training to help everyone get to know each other and keep Marvin on the training trajectory that has been started.
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