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    How big is this dog? Interested:)
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    Hi! Our family would love to meet Ivy, and or any dogs that are small or medium…
  • Mona Brown says:10-30-2019
    Is Georgia still in need of a forever home?
  • Monica says:10-04-2019
    Is she still available?
  • Monica says:10-04-2019
    Is Georgia available? I'd love to meet her

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1 September 27, 2015 in Happy Tails (Adopted!) by staff

Nibbs is a two year old shepherd/cow dog mix. He is a sweet and gentle dog. Nibbs was set to be transported to another rescue near Portland when we discovered that he has heart worm. They will still take him, but not until he has been treated for the heartworm. He needs a home to stay in while undergoing treatment. The most important thing will be that he will need to be kept very quiet. Short leash walks will be the extent of his activity for a month to six weeks.

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