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1 05-10-2013 in Happy Tails (Adopted!) by staff
Scuttles is believed to be a 2 year old Chihuahua/Whippet mix. In late March, this little guy was rescued from the Humboldt County Animal Shelter and placed in a foster home where he has blossomed. Although I don't have his official weight, I would approximate him at 10-12 pounds. He is definitely a solid little guy-heavier than he looks.
In early April, Scuttles was fixed and given vaccinations. He was a great little patient. Scuttles is very low energy and quiet. He is not very playful although occasionally gets excited and joins in the play time with his foster buddies. A crate with an open door is his safe place. At night when we close the crate door, he will whine but settles quickly and sleeps through the night. In addition, Scuttles is potty trained. He will ask to go outside when he needs to or wants to sunbathe. He LOVES laying in the sunshine.
This little boy is skeptical of new people but in a few short weeks we have been able to build his confidence to a point where the "warm up" period is limited. In no time at all he is up in your lap asking for affection or trying to give kisses. He does scare easily at raised voices but overall he has made tremendous progress in the short period of time he has been in foster care.
He travels like a rock star? He has been on multiple 5+ hour car rides and, after settling in, rides like a pro (in a crate). Didn't even ask to stop for a potty break.
Scuttles would probably be happiest in a home without kids. Although he does fine with his foster siblings, he would be best suited as an only dog or with another dog(s) who is low energy like himself. (My little boy dog is determined to play with him and be best friends and Scuttles would rather cuddle with my low energy little girl on the couch.)
Scuttles is really looking forward to finding his forever home. If you think that may be you, please email for a copy of the adoption application. The adoption fee is $175. •Location: Redwood Pals Rescue Contact:
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