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  • karen says:09-28-2015
    Mina looks so much like my Sassy Girl!I lost her almost a year ago.Is Mina available…
  • Laina Roland says:09-04-2015
    Is Zoey still looking for a forever home? If so, I would be interested in learning…
  • P.R. Pollard says:08-04-2015
    Forgot to mention; Ruby and I would also consider fostering Riley. Thanks again.
  • P.R. Pollard says:08-04-2015
    My older female rescue dog Ruby, would like a male companion. She prefers the boys.…
  • Morgan's says:08-04-2015
    Hello, I know we have inquired before, but are just wondering if Buster is still…

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0 March 09, 2013 in Happy Tails by staff
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She is a happy and playful Dalmatian mix that is around 1 year old. Snoopy's time in the shelter was up. Luckily a local foster stepped up to save her life. They fell in love with her and decided to adopt her. Yeah for this lovely dog.
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