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  • Tonia K Annis says:09-27-2021
    I'm interested in fostering Muttley 1212 S Street Eureka CA 95601 707.362.4306…
  • Anne Carter says:01-18-2021
    I would love to foster Ranger. I just lost my big guy last month. His name was Ted.…
  • Arianna says:12-09-2020
    Hi there, how is Grover with cats?
  • Amy says:12-02-2020
    Do you know if she is good with cats? She sounds perfect for our home with one older…
  • Krysten says:09-14-2020
    How big is this dog? Interested:)

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2 05-17-2013 in Happy Tails (Adopted!) by staff
Tex is a big, playful boy about 3 yrs. old. His last foster had young children, 3- 4yrs. old, and a young dog but Tex was just too enthusiastic and playful for them. He is a good dog and fun to hang out with.
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