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    How big is this dog? Interested:)
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    Hi! Our family would love to meet Ivy, and or any dogs that are small or medium…
  • Mona Brown says:10-30-2019
    Is Georgia still in need of a forever home?
  • Monica says:10-04-2019
    Is she still available?
  • Monica says:10-04-2019
    Is Georgia available? I'd love to meet her

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0 July 24, 2018 in Happy Tails (Adopted!) by staff
JoJo is a very active and lovable dog with a goofy personality. Our best guess is that he is a Miniature Australian Shepherd. He does well with other dogs, after a proper introduction. He loves to play and would be great in a home with another playful, outgoing dog. He does have some anxiety issues when meeting new people or in strange situations, so he will require a confident, gentle and patient person to help him through some situations. Once he becomes comfortable with a new person, his is extremely affectionate and playful. He also seems to like kids and would be great for a family with older children. He can be a bit mouthy when he plays, so he is not recommended for very young children. He is very intelligent and is catching on to training quickly. He is MOSTLY house-trained at this point, but an occasional accident does still take place. He does very well in a dog crate, which is recommended when he is unsupervised. He is a very active dog that will make his own fun when bored. He has a classic herding dog personality. He needs to be exercised and stimulated daily. JoJo would thrive in dog agility or related sports. He is very agile and willing to try new things. It is not the sort of dog that would be happy staying inside all day. JoJo would be a perfect "adventure dog.” he seems game for anything and has enough energy to go all day.
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