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3 October 27, 2022 in Available Pets by staff

Ladybird started off with a family for the first six months of her life, then was lost for the next six months. We don’t know anything about that time - where she was or who had her. Her original family came for her when she arrived at the shelter but immediately lost her again and were not interested in coming for her when she turned up at the shelter again two days later. Fortunately for Lady, she was now somewhere that she was safe and fed and there were plenty of people who loved her. Lady was extremely popular with the other dogs and was noted as one of the best players in the place! After some time at the shelter we were able to place Ladybird in a foster home with a wonderful couple who had recently adopted one of Ladybird’s good friends, Monty. A foster placement gives us so much more information about a dog and allows us to find the best permanent fit for them. Lady’s foster mom wrote the description. I couldn’t have said it better! 

"Ladybird is a gorgeous, wicked-smart girl who is very generous with love, licks, and cuddles once she gets to know you. Lady also loves toys, and loves to greet the day by grabbing a stuffed squeaky toy and wiggling circles around you as you pet her. She is young and fit, and would do great with an active family. We've taken her on several hikes and she keeps pace happily and checks in regularly. As is she's a great trail companion and she could only get better with more practice. That being said, she's also happy to lounge about the house - we spend most weeknights snuggled up. She's house broken, crate trained, and eager to please - she'll happily train for a little treat or a fun toy. Did I mention she loves toys? Lady would be a good candidate for homes with other dogs - she'll play with her foster brother as long as he'll let her! She may be ok with cats - we have a house rabbit that she has shown no interest in chasing or eating, and that's usually a good sign. Ladybird is looking for a caring and compassionate family that will help her build confidence and that will understand she needs some time to get to know and love new people. She's had a rough start, but with the right family she will shine!”

Ladybird is about a year and a half old, spayed, microchipped and current on her vaccinations.

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