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    How big is this dog? Interested:)
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    Hi! Our family would love to meet Ivy, and or any dogs that are small or medium…
  • Mona Brown says:10-30-2019
    Is Georgia still in need of a forever home?
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    Is she still available?
  • Monica says:10-04-2019
    Is Georgia available? I'd love to meet her

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1 September 27, 2015 in Happy Tails (Adopted!) by staff

Our Miss Meadow is a lovely young dog. She was very shy at the shelter and went home with one of our valued volunteers to see if we could help her come out of her shell. Meadow has bloomed! Her fosters says she is by far the easiest dog that they have ever fostered. Meadow is a little shy around new people (and the occasional scary log or seaweed mound) but overcomes that quickly when shown that she is safe. She loves other dogs and plays well with dogs of all ages and sizes. Meadow is also great with cats. She would like to play with them if they are willing, but leaves them alone if they are not. She has been working on her obedience commands and has mastered quite a few. Off-leash she stays near her people. Her foster reports that she has some unique characteristics: "She’s what I call the B-team athlete, enthusiastic but not very naturally athletic. She loves to have a good time but has uncontrollable jumps, and slides when she takes too quick of a turn. She loves chasing water out of the garden hose. Playgrounds are one of her favorite things; she’ll go all over them, including down huge slides, and have a ball. She has a vengeance for vacuums and brooms (but can be called off). She likes swimming but she’s so enthusiastic going into the water that her own splashes startle her. She likes a game of fetch but knows when the game is done and won’t incessantly bring her toys to you (one of my favorite things about her). I had a dog like her growing up, and that dog had a huge impact on my life. I’d love for her to go to a family with a young(ish) kid for her to be the same for them. She’s a special dog.”

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