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    How big is this dog? Interested:)
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    Hi! Our family would love to meet Ivy, and or any dogs that are small or medium…
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    Is Georgia still in need of a forever home?
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    Is she still available?
  • Monica says:10-04-2019
    Is Georgia available? I'd love to meet her

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3 June 11, 2017 in Happy Tails (Adopted!) by staff
This is Moose, a young (around a year) male Pit mix. He is a happy fellow - hasn't met a dog yet that he hasn't liked! He was downright scared of the cat that he met... He is boisterous and short on training but eager to learn. After a nice walk today with a doggie friend and a couple of his human friends, he was happy to alternately lounge in the grass and sit quietly snuggled up to us. This dog will make a great companion for someone! He is ready to be a good ambassador for both Pit Bulls and rescue dogs! Let us know if you might like to meet him.

This is what his current foster says about him: "Moose has come a long way in the short time that we have had him. He is learning basic commands and is making progress with walking on a leash. He loves everybody and every dog he meets, and is even making a kitty friend. We have not had the opportunity to introduce him to any kids, but know that he most likely will love them too (though might be too high energy/big for small children who aren't used to dogs). Moose is around a year old and is about 56 pounds. He would definitely need a home with another dog to keep him in check and to play with. He still needs a lot of work and consistent training, but we know that with the right situation he will be an amazing addition to your family."
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