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0 November 08, 2015 in Happy Tails (Adopted!) by staff
Peanut's life hasn't always been easy, but his good heart has endured and now he's ready to shine!

For the first 5 or so years of his life, Peanut lived tied up in a garage. His caretaker loved and cared about him - a good thing, because he definitely learned how to love people! - but her life circumstances kept her from giving Peanut the kind of life he deserved. Ultimately, she made the best decision for him, even though it hurt her - she let him go to find a better life.

When we heard of his situation, we questioned whether a dog with his background would be able to recover and flourish in the wider world, but we couldn't live with ourselves if we didn't try. So it was out of the garage for Peanut, and WOW, has he amazed us with his resilience and shining spirit! So many things are brand new to him, and he does get a little scared once in a while, but overall he is just full of life and love, and *so* ready to bless someone's home and family with his exuberant personality. Everyone who meets Peanut falls in love with him!

Peanut has only been in our care for a few weeks, and we are taking our time introducing him to new things and people, but so far he's passed every test with flying colors. He doesn't show any food aggression (and in fact much prefers to eat his meals practically sitting on your lap - he stops eating if you leave!), and has shown every indication so far of being friendly towards other dogs (introductions thus far have been under very closely supervised circumstances, but Peanut's body language and behavior have been stellar). We are even told that he was friends with the cats at his former home.

For now, he's living in an indoor kennel with numerous walk and affection breaks throughout the day. He waits to go potty until he's let out, and never goes in his kennel.

With every passing day, Peanut is showing us in every way he can that he's ready to get out of the kennel and into a real home. Of course, our first choice would be an adoptive placement, but we would also consider a foster home at this point for Peanut if an adoptive home can't be found right away.

Peanut has been recently neutered and vaccinated. At 70 pounds, he's a strong boy, but eager to please. Young children probably wouldn't be a great match simply due to his size and strength.

We will require an application and small donation to Redwood Pals Rescue at the time an adoption is finalized (we can be flexible on the exact amount). If you'd like to meet this special guy, please contact Tamara at
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