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  • Mona Brown says:10-30-2019
    Is Georgia still in need of a forever home?
  • Monica says:10-04-2019
    Is she still available?
  • Monica says:10-04-2019
    Is Georgia available? I'd love to meet her
  • Parker says:08-22-2019
    I would love to meet Georgia I have always wanted a dog!
  • Anja Van Dyke says:05-14-2019
    I was wondering how to fill out adoption papers for Amber. As well as how much it…

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0 March 30, 2016 in Happy Tails (Adopted!) by staff

Sweet Sirius is a young Mastiff and Dutch Shepherd mix. He has a lovely dark brindle coat from the Dutch Shepherd side and a big head from the Mastiff side. Sirius is a very affectionate and friendly dog who would make a wonderful family pet. His current foster reports that he is as perfectly calm and non-intrusive with babies, plays appropriately with supervision with toddlers and is trustworthy around other older kids. Sirius is also a very dog-friendly dog and would be fine in a home with another dog. Sirius is young and still learning his manners and would do best with someone prepared to do some training with a new dog. He has already met with the trainer that we use and she has got a training plan going for him, which we hope will be continued when he finds his forever home. The trainer felt that he was very trainable and very adoptable. Severe allergies suffered by his current foster Mom has us looking for either a foster or forever home for Sirius.

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